Illustrated, Memoir, Non-Fiction
About This Project

Vince Vozzo contacted us because he wanted to publish a beautiful high quality art book that would be a retrospective of his fine career as one Australia’s leading sculptors.

What did we do?

We took care of the book production from beginning to end, ensuring the delivery of a finished book of a quality that befits its subject. As an illustrated art book, this involved extensive cropping and re-touching of images, as well as ensuring a first class design approach.


We also created a new website for Vince, and organized distribution of the book in physical bookstores across Australia.

The Life & Work of Vince Vozzo

Showcasing the work of Australian sculptor, Vince Vozzo, this beautiful book charts the journey of a second-generation Italian kid from the Western suburbs of Sydney — from dyslexic, cartoon-obsessed school boy to sand sculptor on Bondi beach, to art student, and finally, prolific and acclaimed artist.