About This Project

Oleh Butchasky decided to take the independent publishing route after receiving lots of positive responses from traditional publishers about his book. We reviewed Oleh’s manuscript and knew there was potential for this lovely book – an illustrated travel memoir written by two baby boomer Aussie blokes – which has a clearly defined audience.

What did we do?

We created a beautiful 304 pp printed book containing xx black and white illustrations, and an ebook. The ebook was made available for sale on all major ebook platforms and the print book on our website. Although a customer might not know it, this is a print-on-demand title: every time we receive an order for the book we place an order, meaning that the author has not had to invest in a print run.

Paris Tragics

By Oleh Butchatsky and Graham Jones

Join the journey of two lifelong Australian mates who don’t agree on much except for their obsession with Paris. Paris Tragics is a story of how these two typical baby-boomer Aussies fell in love with Paris, separately but at the same time, in their “mellower” years.