Go With Love

About This Project

This is a special book for Captain Honey as we first started working with the author, Kate Ramsay, several years before her story finally emerged in the form of a printed book. Slowly does it was a fitting approach for a memoir that had been many years in the writing for Kate. It’s a memoir with many facets, but with the experience of grief at its core, it was not something that could be rushed.

What did we do?

Our first engagement with Kate was as professional reader (or manuscript assessor). Roz provided two detailed reviews of Kate’s manuscript and gently guided her down a path of re-writes, to which she ably rose.


A year or so later, we felt honoured to be asked by Kate to help publish her book. Kate again rose to the challenge of re-writes during a constructive editorial process with ace-editor, Kate O’Donnell. From there, Natalie took the reins of the project producing simple, classic internal design and a stunning cover that perfectly evokes the place and pace of this memoir.


The book was produced as an ebook, print-on-demand and traditional print book. Read about the book launch here.

Go With Love
A Memoir About Love, Loss and Learning

Kate Ramsay

What happens when, just as you think that the life you’ve worked so hard to create is perfect in every way, you discover the love of your life is going to die?


Kate had it all. Attractive, intelligent with a good husband, two children and a beautiful house in Adelaide. But, at just 35, she was unhappy, restless and destined for a different life. Tough choices opened up Kate’s world and led her to a new career, a new city, and, ultimately, to a new life with Des, her soul mate.


Having built a successful business influencing some of the country’s top leaders and their teams, Kate moved with Des to her dream home on acreage in the Byron Bay hinterland. She had created her ideal life. Then Des was diagnosed with a rare and devastating disease. And so began Kate’s journey of caring for the ‘gentlest and toughest’ of men, while continuing to grow their work until – and beyond – his last breath.


This is the story of a vibrant, courageous woman who lives life to the full, who builds a career while juggling mothering, as well as learning from her loving partnership; and who then survives and goes on loving after his premature death.