About This Project

Anne Hoare approached us wanting to bring a professional publishing touch to the creation of her children’s book. She already had the story – her own mum had written it for her some 50 years prior – and the wonderful illustrations, which she had commissioned. We fell for Nelson Bear the instant we saw him in his blue galoshes clutching onto his yellow umbrella.

What did we do?

We created a gorgeous children’s book of which we are very proud. Natalie designed the internals and cover, and Roz organized for the book to printed in China (the best option for 4-colour printing) and distributed into the book and gift trade, online and in physical stores across Australia.

Nelson Bear and the Yellow Umbrella

By Merval Hoare

A timeless and classic children’s story, Nelson Bear and the Yellow Umbrella was originally written c.1955 by Norfolk Island historian and author, Merval Hoare, for her young daughter, Ann Hoare.


It was based on a “real bear” that Ann owned and loved. Ann was regularly told the story of Nelson Bear as a child and it became an important childhood memory for her. As an adult, she decided to give Nelson Bear new life, taking the old typewritten pages and showing them to acclaimed Norfolk Island illustrator Tracey Yager.