About This Project

Diana Weston also approached us with a project that was already well on it’s way to creation. Diana had written the story, commissioned the illustration and created the musical score to accompany this original and sweet little story about a girl learning to grow from baby to infant.

What did we do?

We created final, print-ready files of the book and liaised with the Sydney-based printer to coordinate the printing of the book and cd. We organized for the book and cd to be sold in bookstores and gift stores across Australia, as well as via our own online and physical store. We created a press release for the book, and sent this out to key media.

Magpie Baby

By Diana Weston
Illustrated by Kym Burrows

A collaborative project between a group of Australian artists, Magpie Baby is a sweet baby book with music. Authentic and original, the book and CD will help foster in your children a love of music, stories and making creative connections. After all, in a world of mass produced and commercialized children’s music, it’s never too soon to introduce your little ones to the wonder of the harpsichord and the cello – and here is an easy, fun and beautiful way to do it!


Good question. Well, it defies categorisation. That’s because it’s original!
But we’ve tried to describe it with words and these are the ones we’ve come up with:
Fun for all ages
Full of personality


Check it out below and see for yourself.


The first track is from the beginning of the book when the newborn baby is sleeping (aaah).


The second is from the end of the book when the toddler is running rampant (uh-oh, look out!).