About This Project

Steve Lennon contacted us about making something special out of his ‘hobby project’, a original and fun book that took the metaphor of a dog and applied it to management consultants (in a nice way!).

What did we do?

Steve gave us a copy-edited manuscript, and we did the rest. In this case, we also had the fun task of picture research of cute dogs to use in the book. Natalie designed the internal book and cover, and we organized the printing of the book using an Australian printer that was able to handle 2-colour work at an economic price.


Steve wanted to tackle the project incrementally using a ‘minimum viable product’ approach. We started with the book and went on to create a website and some great marketing materials for the book.

It’s A Dog’s Job (But Someone’s Got To Do It)

By Steve Lennon

It’s A Dog’s Job explores the craft of consulting and building client relationships in a cheeky and irreverent way, using the metaphor of man and his best friend. In this insightful, mad-dog look at the world of management consulting, you’ll discover the tricks and traps of surviving a canine career and learn how to become a client’s best friend. Clients will learn how to get consultants to heed their Master’s voice and deliver the juicy results they pay through the nose for.