About This Project

Natalie and I had worked with author, Jennifer Blau, during our time at HarperCollins publishers. In addition to being a book editor, Jennifer is also a talented photographer, and she had taken a beautiful series of images of women in their 50s. We loved the photos and felt that the time was right to celebrate this milestone age. When we set off on our own publishing adventure, we decided that this would be the first book we’d publish.

What did we do?

We operate as a traditional publisher for this book, which means that we funded the production and printing of the book, and we pay the author a royalty. We manage all aspects of the book’s creation, distribution, sales and marketing. The book is now in its second print run having sold over 5000 copies in Australia.

The 50 Book
Women Celebrate Life

By Jennifer Blau

What is it like for women turning 50? And what can we expect from life after the big 50th birthday? In this beautiful book real women share their wisdom, illuminating a time of possibility, passion and self-discovery.


Based on 50 words used by women to describe what it’s like being 50, this uplifting book contains photographic profiles, expert insights on issues that matter to women as they age and inspirational quotations — which combine to create a unique celebration of being 50.


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