About This Project

Lonely Planet approached us to produce The Food Book, a companion book to The Travel Book, that Roz published during her time with the company. At 888 pages, and containing over 3000 images, this project presented a major challenge of design and project management.

What did we do?

We did pretty much everything required to make this book. We created the content, writing the 200+ country profiles based on existing information provided by Lonely Planet, and we selected the images to go on each page. Natalie then designed and laid out each of those 888 pages – there were some late nights as we delivered the project from manuscript to final files in just three months! The book was then proofread and final files prepared for Lonely Planet to print from.

The Food Book
A Journey Through the Great Cuisines of the World

Markets, street food, fine dining or raucous family feasts – whether you travel to eat, or you’re a foodie tied to your kitchen chair at home, you’ll find plenty in these pages to satisfy your lust for new flavours, textures and aromas.


Journey through countries with the richest and proudest culinary traditions. Explore each country’s essential produce, defining dishes, and culture of preparing, eating and celebrating with food. Discover the best fare to sample, and even the odd recipe to try at home.