About This Project

Inspired by the desire to help other young people in a similar situation, Tim had written a book telling his story of growing up with a verbally and physically abusive father. A happy, well-adjusted man with a young family of his own, Tim now devotes time to sharing his story and supporting others.

What did we do?

We assisted Tim with all aspects of creating his ebook, from editorial and typesetting to cover design, proofreading and file preparation. We published the ebook on Amazon and also then created a simple website for Tim to use as a home for his project.

I Just Wanted A Dad

Tim Austin

As a young boy, Tim assumed that he was going to have a close and loving relationship with his father. As it turned out, it was quite the opposite. Tim suffered the loneliness and desperation that comes from trying to find love and connection in the face of fear, humiliation and rejection. Every day became a matter of survival.


A sensitive and intelligent boy, Tim was deeply damaged by the actions of a difficult and bullying father. It was in his mid-to-late teens that he reached the darkest part of his life and when he first contemplated suicide. It was at this moment, with a razor blade hovering over his wrist, that Tim reached a turning point and began to live his mantra “tough times don’t last but tough people do”. From here, Tim began the long journey to understanding his own sadness, and his often reckless behaviour, and to building the life he has today, as a happy and proud husband and father.


Tim has written his story in the hope that sharing it will help others in a similar situation.