About This Project

Local author, A. V. Hill approached us wanting to self-publish a collection of short fiction, haiku poetry and original illustrations. We had a read of her work and felt it was unique and deserving of the over-used term, ‘quirky’. We like quirky and we wanted to help bring this book into the world.

What did we do?

We worked with A. V. Hill to determine the best format to publish in, deciding to start with print-on-demand, a low-investment approach that still makes a print book available to readers. To keep it simple, we decided to stick with the Amazon print-on-demand platform initially, and consider extending this in the future depending how the book goes. Similarly, we may create an ebook in the future. The author wishes to take a wait-and-see approach, which we recommended as way of staying focused and minimizing initial investment.


Natalie took A.V. Hill’s quirky illustration and created a vibrant, fun cover that really speaks to the, well, quirkiness of this little book. The internals, too, are beautifully designed, combining the various text elements with class and style.


We created this book in three weeks!


Crazy, Funny, Beautiful is available to purchase on CreateSpace. We recommend it.

A Collection of Short Stories and Haiku Poetry

A.V. Hill

Crazy Funny Beautiful is a collection of short stories, mini short stories, haiku poems and illustrations intended to shock, entertain and humour. One of which, titled 0% Victimisation was shortlisted in the Positive Words mini short story competition for the month of February, 2015.


There is a variety of genres ranging from science fiction to fantasy, comedy and thriller for those who like a diverse range of stories.


This fun, quirky, outlandish collection with unexpected twists and turns conveys stories about the beauty in nature, discrimination, internet dating, jealousy and more. The haiku poems convey a sense of love, sadness and heartache.