About This Project

Michael Knight and his team of ‘adolescentologists’ approached us to help produce the second in a series of resources aimed at supporting their ‘Peer Power’ seminars in Australian high schools. Michael was keen to have a fresh and dynamic design approach that would appeal to its core market of young women.

What did we do?

We produced a great-looking book that exceeded the client’s expectations. Natalie created an attractive, age-appropriate cover and internals that blended multiple text elements (such as boxes, bullet points, case studies and illustration) in an internal design approach that was accessible yet still appealing visually.


The book was published as a traditional print and ebook.

Beyond the Mascara
The Quintessence of Healthy Authentic Femininity

Michael Knight

This book is a trigger, a starting point to discuss principles and to facilitate the on going development of skills enabling an expression of femininity that resonates with who you are. Too often we are sold glib, temporary, feel-good encouragements that simply don’t work, last for long, or provide any real solution. So instead, Beyond the Mascara offers ideas to generate substantial, challenging and practical skills of embracing a richer sense of what it is to be female. Beyond the Mascara seeks to go beyond applying yet another veneer covering up what lies beneath, and enables you to get to the quintessence of healthy authentic femininity.