About This Project

Author Brad Orgill approached us to produce his book, a ‘manifesto’ for greater alignment and collaboration between the ALP and Greens. He wanted it done quickly and professionally. The manuscript was ready-to-go and the project was time-sensitive as Brad wanted to use it as a campaigning tool in the run up to the Federal Election in 2013.

What did we do?

We made Brad’s book quickly and professionally! From whoa to go, the book was produced in just one month. We created a traditional print book with a limited run of 100 copies, as well as an ebook, which was made available across all major retail channels.


The book was favourably received by influencers in the media and politics, and we assisted Brad is using the book to secure a traditional publishing deal. The book was re-published by Scribe in 2013.

Why Labour Should Eat Their Greens
A Platform for Progressive Politics


Brad Orgill

In Why Labor Should Savour Its Greens, former investment banker and economist Brad Orgill reviews the Greens’ major economic, social, and environmental policies; and argues that progressive voters, and the nation as a whole, deserve an aligned ALP–Greens platform incorporating the best elements of each. With an annual government expenditure of $500 billion at stake — not to mention the future of our social fabric and our very planet — this is a time for visionary thinking, not old divisions and counter-productive rivalries.