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Plan Your Book


Your Self-Publishing Plan

Publishing is a business, and self-publishing is a business venture. Think of this as your ‘business plan’. It will provide you with a clear picture of the commercial realities of your project, and help you to understand what you need to do to publish successfully.


In it, you’ll find everything you need to know to effectively create, market, promote and sell your book in Australia and globally.


Every plan is individually created to meet the needs of your project. Self-publishing can be complex due to the many production and retail options that exist. We help you to focus your efforts on what is needed for your book.

The Key to Success in Self-Publishing –
as with most things – is good planning

We are the only company in Australia to focus on creating comprehensive and individual self-publishing plans for authors.

Working with Us

We can work to create a plan at your pace via a combination of phone, email and Skype interactions.


The quickest, most cost-effective and fun way to get your plan together, however, is to attend a 2-day self-publishing planning retreat.


You come with a headful of questions and ideas, and you leave with a comprehensive, strategic and actionable plan for your book. Ongoing mentoring is available, if you need it.


If you are not ready to commit to a full plan, or just aren’t really sure what you need, then one-on-one consultancy might be suitable for you initially. Call Roz for a free 15-minute chat about this.

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We offer a complete self-publishing plan or thematic plans that cover certain areas that we’ve found
raise the most challenges for self-published authors.

  • Complete Self-Publishing Plan
    • This plan covers all aspects of the self-publishing process
    •  $1250
    • (or $950 if you attend a retreat)

  • Marketing and Promotional Plan
    • In this plan, we will establish everything you need to know to successfully market and promote your book to your readers.
    •  $500.

  • Sales and Distribution Plan
    • This plan provides the nitty gritty information that you need to ensure that you book is available for purchase by your readers.
    •  $500

  • Financial Plan
    • This plan brings together the commercial inputs (pricing, retailer discounts, production and printing costs, and sales expectations across retail channels) into a flexible costing template, which you can amend as you progress with your project.
    • $500