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Publish Your Book


Publish your Book

We create the entire book (or ebook) for you from manuscript to finished copy, or we can look after one part of the process, such as book design.


We are experienced in producing all kinds of books, from coffee table photographic books and children’s picture books to fiction, business books and memoirs. We make traditionally printed books, print-on-demand and ebooks.


Your book will be produced by us with help from a freelance team of professional editors, designers, illustrators, typesetters and proofreaders.

Please note that we provide a book production service.
All copyright in the book remains the property of the author.

Working with Us

We manage the project from manuscript to finished book, ensuring that you receive a quality and professional-looking book according to the budget and schedule we have agreed.


Or we can assist with individual aspects of the process, including editorial, cover design, layout, illustration, proofreading, indexing, publishing administration (ISBNs and CIP data), project management, indexing and file creation (print, print-on-demand or ebook).


We can create your book to whatever timeframe works for you or, you can get it made in just one week by attending one of our book creation publishing retreats in Byron Bay.

To find out more about the retreat – what’s included, how much it costs and how it works – click here.


Every project is different, so we can’t quote a price here,
just get in touch to request a quote.