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07 Sep New Studio Space


We were delighted recently to move into our new studio space, which we are sharing with Kymba from Soulful Branding. It’s a beautiful space, designed as part of a new precinct housing the Byron School of Art, as well as a handful of other creative businesses. It’s inspiring to be around other creative people, and lots of vegetables. It’s a good combination, we think.

Just opposite us a café is currently being constructed. Bang bang bang, zzzz, zzzz, zzzz (that’s a drill) is the background orchestra at the studio at present, but we don’t mind too much. We are looking forward to the advent of the café, which will hopefully bring more foot traffic to our little precinct. By the time this happens, we hope to have more fully developed the shop space in the front of the studio, where we will be selling beautiful books, beautiful prints from beautiful books, as well as a range of products that Kymba has created from her wonderful illustrations. We are looking forward to seeing how the space and the shop evolve. May they grow and blossom like the sweet little flowers before the snow peas.

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