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Go With Love

27 Aug Go With Love

This beautiful memoir written by Northern Rivers-based author Kate Ramsay is currently in development at Captain Honey HQ. The book has been through a first edit, and our brave author is currently tackling the editor’s feedback with some re-writes.

Our cover designer par excellence, Natalie, has created some sample covers, which capture the mood of the book wonderfully. Kate has weathered the storm of feedback from friends, family and her writing mentors and we are almost there in selecting the final cover.

This book is a special one for Captain Honey, as we have traveled a bit of a journey with Kate over the past year or two, as she has continued to revise and improve upon her wonderful book.

It’s also special because Kate’s story of love and loss, and her honest, thoughtful rendering of that story, has moved us and we are happy to support her in creating a book that does the story justice.

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