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Self-Publishing – Not Second Best, but First Choice

I recently ran a seminar at which I asked participants to tell me what they thought were the common perceptions of self-publishing. Here’s what they said: The editing can be total crap The covers can be embarrassing Making money? Forget about it! Self-publishers can become millionaires It’s vanity publishing We are the...

Wit hEnough Love Cover
Hi-Ho Silver Lining

We sent a really good book to print this week. There are fewer opportunities for authors with the traditional publishing houses these days, and if there’s one silver lining in that cloud, it’s that we get to work with them to make their books. As soon as...

Captain Honey publishers partner with Byron Bay Writer's Festival
Changing Perceptions of Self-Publishing

What is self-publishing? In 2016, it may not be what you thought. At Captain Honey, we are helping to change perceptions. And that’s why we are so excited to be partnering with the Byron Writer’s Festival as sponsors of the self-publishing marquee this year. (For details...

Books in Homes Role Model Badge 300x250
‘Yay, books!’

I recently attended a primary school in Lismore, near Captain Honey HQ in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, to do a talk about the 'Books in Homes' programme. I was asked to be a role model, to talk about my love of books and...

How To Increase Your Chances of Getting Published

It's not easy getting accepted by a traditional publisher. In fact, it's really hard. But there are ways you can improve your chances. I worked as a publisher with the big houses for twenty years, so I've seen a few book proposal documents in my time!...

Sale or Return in Publishing
What is ‘Sale or Return’?

  It usually surprises people when they hear that book publishing operates on a ‘sale or return’ model. This means that bookshops don't buy books outright. Instead, they order new or backlist (previously published but still selling) titles for their shop, and if they don’t sell, they return...