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Does Publicity Sell Books? A Case Study

The other day our new book, Mummy and Mumma Get Married was featured in a great piece in The Guardian. The article was shared over 3000 times. I posed the question of my friends (an educated, book-loving group) on Facebook, 'How many copies do you...

Tips for Crowdfunding a Book

This is our current obsession: a children’s book that we’ve written about a little girl called Phoebe who organizes a surprise wedding for her mummies. ...

Our Nominated Schools

Having actual, real-life schools nominated by actual, real-life members of the public to receive a free copy of ‘Mummy & Mumma Get Married’ has been an unexpected joy of our crowdfunding campaign....

Nelson Bear – Generations of Lovely

We loved Nelson from the moment we saw him. In her lovely illustrations, artist Tracey Yager has captured something about the simplicity of a child’s imaginings about and love for a teddy bear. It was also a lovely motivation that was presented to us by...