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Publishing a book costs money
How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish?

  How much does it cost to self-publish? You want me to give you a quick answer? Okay, $10K. You want a longer answer. Okay, again. Obviously, $10K is a generalisation. If you are just making an ebook (and/or print-on-demand), you could do it for a lot less than...

Sale or Return in Publishing
What is ‘Sale or Return’?

  It usually surprises people when they hear that book publishing operates on a ‘sale or return’ model. This means that bookshops don't buy books outright. Instead, they order new or backlist (previously published but still selling) titles for their shop, and if they don’t sell, they return...

Book marketing
Marketing for Self-Published Authors

  I'm often asked the explain the difference between Marketing and Publicity. I was once given a simple definition that's stuck with me: MARKETING – any coverage of your book that you pay for. PUBLICITY – any coverage of your book that’s free. To be successful, you need to...

How Do I Sell My Self-Published Book?

  However you choose to publish, you will need to get your hands dirty with book sales to one degree or another. If you are with a traditional publisher, you’ll do the least amount of this – possibly just at events or via your own personal network and...

Physical books
Should You Print Your Self-Published Book?

The idea of printing books when you are self-publishing is often derided these days with the advent of ebooks and print-on-demand (POD), but there is still a place (and definitely a market) for traditionally-printed books, even, or maybe especially, as part of an independent publishing strategy. Some good...

Publishing Workshop

Book publishing veteran Roz Hopkins will teach you everything you need to know about how to self-publish – and do it well. Next Workshop coming up Sunday, 13th December 2015 - BOOK ONLINE....

Tips for Crowdfunding a Book

This is our current obsession: a children’s book that we’ve written about a little girl called Phoebe who organizes a surprise wedding for her mummies. ...

publicity for self-published authors
Publicity for Self-Published Authors

The goal of publicity is to generate coverage about a book as broadly and as widely as possible. This can be hard to do in the mainstream media without appropriate contacts, but it’s not impossible, not if your story is interesting and well pitched. The opportunities to...

Our Nominated Schools

Having actual, real-life schools nominated by actual, real-life members of the public to receive a free copy of ‘Mummy & Mumma Get Married’ has been an unexpected joy of our crowdfunding campaign....

Nelson Bear – Generations of Lovely

We loved Nelson from the moment we saw him. In her lovely illustrations, artist Tracey Yager has captured something about the simplicity of a child’s imaginings about and love for a teddy bear. It was also a lovely motivation that was presented to us by...