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About Us

Captain Honey is founded and run
by Roz Hopkins and Natalie Winter.

We come from both sides of the publishing tracks. Between us, we combine over 30 years’ experience in traditional publishing, working for companies such as HarperCollins, Lonely Planet and Pearson with on-the-ground experience of building our own company and successfully publishing our own books.


It’s a unique perspective that allows us to share with you our knowledge of how to produce quality books the traditional way with what we’ve learned about retailing and marketing books as self-publishers. There are more opportunities and more obstacles for self-publishers, as we’ve discovered.


We met at HarperCollins, where Natalie was an award-winning book designer and Roz an accomplished publisher. While we both have a reputation for our creative skills, we complement each other well as you will find when you work with us. Natalie will make your book look fantastic; she will always find the best creative solution. Roz will help you with the whole package; she will uncover problems, find solutions and ensure that you have fun along the way.

Roz’s talents are in coming up with fantastic book ideas, talking to people, listening to people, making conversations that have resonance, that go down unexpected paths, remembering facts and thinking outside of the facts. She is good at seeing beyond the obvious, and helping people see the little things that make their work different.

Roz Hopkins

An accomplished and award-winning designer, Natalie’s talents are in transforming your ideas and words into something that looks incredible. She grasps ideas and concepts easily and from there sees beyond the obvious to develop compelling and original books that stand out from the competition.

Natalie Winter

These are our values, the things we care about
and that make us different.


We come from the world of traditional book publishing and with us we’ve brought knowledge of everything it takes to get published or make a professional book. We offer our authors a ‘no self-publishing bloopers’ guarantee.


The publishing world is a lot bigger these days. We embrace the opportunities for book production, marketing and retailing that new technology presents.


We believe in taking risks while somebody holds your hand. We’ll hang on tight while you need us, but our goal is to transfer our knowledge and set you up for success. You own your book, and the success of your book is all yours.


We know our publishing purpose. What’s yours? Answering this question and tailoring your approach accordingly is what you can expect when you work with us.


We find joy in nurturing the crazy little ideas that lurk inside, recognizing passions – our own and other people – and helping turn crazy little ideas into beautiful things.


Don't hesitate to get in touch if we can help with your publishing dreams!